Guitar Lessons Brisbane | Acoustic & Electric, Rock & Blues

Electric and Acoustic Guitar Lessons Brisbane

Skilfully tailored for your musical desires and learning style. Lessons are taught from a home-based studio tucked in a natural setting directly behind LaTrobe Terrace in Bardon.


Guitar Lessons Brisbane – Learn Contemporary Rock and Blues in Brisbane’s suburb of Bardon, with long-term guitar coach and experienced stage and recording musician, Andrew Scrivens.  Specialist guitar tuition for beginners to advanced players in:

  • Contemporary/Rock Guitar Lessons (The full range taught on both electric and acoustic guitar)

  • Blues Guitar Lessons  (acoustic, electric, country, fingerstyle, jazz-influenced, soloing/improvisation)

  • Music Theory for guitar, Improvising strategies for guitar, Jamming with other musicians, Songwriting, Recording your own music as a learning strategy.

Guitar Teacher Andrew Scrivens - Guitar Lessons Brisbane

  • Want to know more about Guitar Lessons in Brisbane and current availability?

  • The Method I use is innovative, fun and a highly effective way to learn guitar as it emphasises learning the steps in the right order.

  • Affordable Rates keeps ongoing weekly lessons realistic, allowing momentum and rapid results in your playing to be expected

  • To hear music I have have recorded and released you can see the music video below. You can also find my most recent record, Paper Rose, using Spotify by following THIS LINK

” If there’s ONE thing I’ve learned from teaching the guitar to over 200 private students, it’s that everyone comes to lessons for their own reasons. One skill that I have identified which sets a good guitar teacher apart is the skill of understanding what a student’s reasons for learning are and for adapting the style of lesson to support those reasons and goals. The other is knowing the order in which skills should be learnt.”


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