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Specializing in Blues & Rock Guitar

Electric and Acoustic Guitar Lessons Brisbane

Skilfully tailored to your musical desires and learning style. Lessons are taught from a home-based studio tucked in a natural setting directly behind LaTrobe Terrace in Bardon.

Guitar Lessons Brisbane – Learn rock, pop and blues guitar in Brisbane’s suburb of Bardon, with long-term guitar coach and experienced stage and recording musician, Andrew Scrivens. Specialist guitar tuition for beginners to advanced players in:

  • Contemporary / Rock Guitar Lessons Brisbane – Electric and acoustic styles and techniques covering the majority of student interests. From improvising solos like John Mayer to strumming out the pub classics and everything in between

  • Blues Guitar Lessons Brisbane  Acoustic/fingerstyle blues guitar, electric guitar technique, country/jazz-influenced blues, soloing skills and ways to improve your improvisation

  • Music Theory for guitar – improvising strategies for guitar, jamming with other musicians, songwriting, recording your own music as a learning strategy (see below), beginner music theory simplified

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  • The Method I use is innovative, fun and a highly effective way to learn guitar as it emphasises learning the physical and conceptual steps in the right order. So many students report to me that their progress over the years has been slow, frustrating or inconsistent. This almost always comes down to an unclear understanding of the stages of progress and a lack of supportive coaching to stay on track with the process.

  • You may also want to have read about the most common questions from students learning guitar that I have worked with over the years and the methods that we have used to overcome the range of learning obstacles.

  • In 2016/17 I recorded an album with some friends, both to achieve a milestone and also to deeply learn the process involved in making a great recording – especially from the perspective of being a guitar player. I would rank this experience in the top 3 best things I have ever done for my playing and encourage all students to consider recording some music as a goal. Check it out below.

*If you are into guitar solos check out Rio, Crash, Paper Rose, and Walls. If you prefer lush, chilled acoustic guitar check out Sand, Split Silhouette and Fingertips. 

If there’s ONE thing I’ve learned from teaching the guitar to over 200 private students, it’s that everyone comes to lessons for their own reasons. One skill that I have identified which sets a good guitar teacher apart is the skill of understanding what a student’s reasons for learning are and for adapting the style of lesson to support those reasons and goals. The other is knowing the order in which skills should be learned.”


I’d been self-taught for years and had reached a plateau just playing songs, strumming chords and playing scales, and this was getting me nowhere, slowly. I wanted to be able to start playing what I was hearing in my head and improvising and Andrew really connected the dots.

His approach to teaching is phenomenal and I accelerated in my playing substantially even after the first lesson. I started playing with my ears a lot more confidently and could visualize the fretboard clearly without being bound to a certain area. I could only imagine how well I would be playing if I had started with Andrew sooner.

Highly recommend!

Jesse Greenwood