Bass Guitar Lessons Brisbane

If you are searching for bass guitar lessons in Brisbane, taught by a master player and teacher with more than 35 years of experience, then look no further than Christain Boeger.

Chris is a teaching colleague of mine who shares my methodology for teaching bass guitar and his real-world experience is second to none. Chris has a unique ability to simplify theory for bass guitar students. His approach is very “real-world”, based on his decades of being a working musician and requiring outstanding foundations.

I refer all bass guitar lesson enquiries to Chris and students thank me every time.

“My approach to teaching bass guitar lessons”

I am passionate about working with students in an individualized way to put them on a path to success with bass guitar.

I have found that, by focusing on technique, instrument set-up and ergonomics early on in a bass player’s journey, it allows the player to reach their potential in a much shorter time frame.

I like to work with students who are excited to play, learn and be open to new things.  I enjoy sharing music theory in a practical and useful way.  I like to help the students learn through the music that they enjoy and want to play.  I also like teaching through jamming and recording and looping.

One can practice alone at home but much can be understood by playing with others and hearing ourselves on a recording.  I have found that the best results come from creating safe and low-pressure opportunities to do the things that musicians do in the real world.

 The benefit of experience

I am unique in that I have real-world experience, both live and in the studio with many different styles of music and situations.  I have been lucky to learn much about instrument set-up, stage and studio performance and the business of music.  Many students benefit enourmously simply from receiving a proper set-up during one of our bass guitar lessons. 

I like to teach music and musicianship through the instrument.  Music is a universal language and larger than any individual player or instrument and I want to share that concept.  It’s humbling and exciting plus you never know where it will take you if you keep playing and sharing music with people.  What could be more rewarding than that?

Above all, I like to create a safe and comfortable atmosphere where the student can feel free to play and explore and ask questions. Nothing facilitates your progress with bass guitar lessons more than that.

About Bass Guitar Lessons Structure 

Your First Lesson

As I’ve mentioned, lessons are specific to each student but generally speaking the first thing I like to do is assess the player’s interests, goals and skill level.  I also can assess their instrument to see what may be needed (if anything) to improve playability and sound.

Learning Songs

Most great players become great by learning lots of other people’s music.  So much can be learned by really getting into the songs you love and learning the details that make them great.  This is a big part of how I like to teach.  Find the music that inspires the student and learn from it.  I’ve said many times “playing music is about listening”.  A player with well developed ears can learn and create music more easily and play better with others or even solo!  It’s all about listening-to what others are playing, to the ideas you hear inside and also listening to clients and fellow music and entertainment workers.

Creating Music

To balance learning other people’s music I like to help students create their own music.   There is so much to be learned from this exercise.  The player can step back and hear themselves on a recording and have a new perspective to see what they are doing well and what needs work.  Also, it’s a chance to begin developing a unique voice and style as well as to just have fun making music.

Learn Proper Bass Technique

Good technique is important as it enables you to play what you want to freely and easily.  Playing an instrument can become painful without good technique.  This can lead to the player becoming discouraged. I aim to help the player improve their technique so that they can play without pain and with more stamina allowing them to concentrate on playing what they love. This ties in with having an instrument that is properly set up to allow the best possible technique.  A great sounding and feeling instrument attracts the player and leads to more playing simply because it feels and sounds so good.

Music Theory for Bass

People can get nervous about music theory but we will only be doing as much as is necessary and I like to present it in an organic way where it is related to actual real-world examples.  Knowledge of music theory helps in so many ways.  A lot of what i cover in theory is the language musicians use and the terminology and knowledge that is important to communicate with other players, studio/live engineers etc.  We deal with theory based on the student’s needs.

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