Learning To Play The Blues 

When it comes to having fun playing the guitar, you can’t beat playing the blues! The two are really made for each other. Blues guitar lessons can reveal just how fun and expressive the blues-styles of guitar playing really are. Learning to play the blues teaches you fundamentals of theory and form that underly so many other genres. I have coached people at all levels of blues guitar-playing, covering beginners through to advanced students and on both the acoustic and electric guitars.

Electric Blues Guitar

Has an emphasis on improvisation and expressiveness using techniques such as string bending and vibrato. You will learn how to play classic licks and riffs, solo like your favourite blues musicians, dial in great tones and hold a steady groove.

Many students want to understand and play like their favourite guitarists such as Jimi Hendrix or BB King. Blues Lessons can be structured around what your own desires and goals are.

*For example, if your ambition is to sound like BB King or Derek Trucks, then that’s what determines how we structure your lessons. But if it is to be able to improvise over all parts of the neck, then your lessons can be tailored for that goal…

Acoustic Blues Guitar

Again, the forms and chord progressions with acoustic blues playing will be the same as on electric guitar. Instead of going straight to solos though, you’ll pay more attention to keeping the rhythm and groove strong, either with a pick or by learning finger-style which involves training our thumbs to play a steady bass line while our fingers play simple melodies and/or chords.

With acoustic blues lessons you can learn to simply play along with any 12-bar blues songs (think Elvis, classic rock’n’roll) through to sophisticated finger-style blues.