Guitar Lesson Options

    Private One-On-One (30, 45 or 60 minutes)

    One-on-one lessons are great for those who would like to learn specific techniques, songs or theory and have a tailored session each week, focused exclusively on their needs, challenges, and goals. Typically we use weekly private lessons to work towards specific goals that we set together, based on your needs and desires. Lessons are always aiming to build on what you have developed so far and to correct any bad habits you might have. I always encourage new students to get into the habit of bringing their phone to lessons so that we can make a short video summary at the end of each lesson and set practice goals for the week ahead.

    Group Lessons (60 minutes) 3-5 people

    Group lessons with up to 5 students are offered for students who would like the benefit of learning in an interactive, social and fun environment. Group lessons focus more generally than private lessons but can cover topics such as songwriting, jamming, interplay etc. Group lessons can also be arranged to complement private lessons at a fortnightly or monthly occurrence if you would like to strike the balance between your own playing and the interactivity of playing with other musicians.