Acoustic and Electric Rock Guitar Lessons 

Contemporary and Rock guitar lessons cover a wide range of styles and techniques, for both acoustic and electric guitar. This genre includes the vast majority of songs or bands that inspire people to take guitar lessons. There’s an excellent chance that this is what you are after.

Beginning Players

Will find that skilful guidance helps them to race through the early stages of guitar at a rate that they could never really achieve on their own. Have you tried learning from tab or youtube yourself but feel like something is missing? There is no substitute for learning guitar from an experienced guitar teacher who can provide real-time feedback and specific demonstration.


Intermediate and Advanced Players

Especially those who feel as though their progressed has really slowed, can begin really expanding on what they already know but pushing into areas that they may not have known about or tried exploring yet. Many intermediate guitarists who have learnt the basics of pop/rock guitar reach a kind-of plateau and feel that progress becomes difficult and slow. Or perhaps they just don’t know how much more there is for them to learn! Sometimes after learning the open and bar chord shapes and a few scales a guitar-player can wonder what comes next or how they can really put all of this together into one seamless approach to playing.